Life Audit for Women

The Life Audit for Women is a wellness life-bootcamp with a holistic approach to living your best life. This is an extensive program designed for women interested in being happier, healthier, and creating the life they really want.

With any new change or momentum, there is a principle called entropy that nature tends to lend itself toward disorganization, randomness, and chaos. The only way to counteract this measure of disorder is to constantly and consistently bring organization and positivity to your life. That’s why growth is a never-ending process. Every successful person has structure and routine behind everything they do, and continue to fight daily for order and balance. For women seeking progress in all areas of their lives, or just one area of their life, The Life Audit for Women assists with the process and supports the high levels of self-discipline needed to remove bad habits and do some ‘spring cleaning’ to restore everything to its optimal state.

The Life Audit for Women is perfect for you if:

  • You are always giving to everybody else, but yourself.
  • When you wake up in the morning, you are lacking energy and would rather pull the covers over your head than get out of bed.
  • You can’t think fast enough to keep up with the demands of your day.
  • You’re a mom overwhelmed with the decisions of each day and the push-pull of your work, or passion, or sanity.
  • You are seeking a change in your nutrition, fitness, or overall wellness routine.
  • You feel alone to make a move or take a risk.
  • You are seeking a friend or confidant who has your best interest at heart.
  • You need to organize your physical space and/or your time.
  • You have been resigned to feelings of fatigue, sluggishness, and exhaustion.
  • You no longer want to accept external factors as excuses to my problems (i.e. age, natural part of life, timing, luck, sweeping reoccurring issues under the rug, other people, resources, money)
  • You have ideas and goals, but are too worn down to be creative, inspired, or motivated.
  • You have had a stressful experience and are trying to bounce back.
  • You are seeking a lifestyle change, but are tied down by responsibilities out of your control.
  • You want clarity and peace of mind.
  • You feel physically and emotionally overloaded.

Committing to The Life Audit for Women will result in the following benefits:

  • Feeling energized and lighter
  • Calmer multi-tasker
  • Realize your passion and make it a reality
  • Manage your mind and control distractions
  • Bust through blockages of your efforts
  • Shift in energy
  • Maintain a sense of order
  • Spark in motivation
  • Find balance and set the foundation for optimal health
The Life Audit for Women program is organized in the following modules:
Module 1
  • Life Audit
  • Personality Assessment
Module 2
  • Environment
  • Values & Mission
Module 3
  • Goal Setting
  • Game Plan
Module 4
  • Holistic Approach to Mind
Module 5
  • Holistic Approach to Body
Module 6
  • Holistic Approach to Soul

If you want a simple and effective experience designed to focus on YOU and have help along the way to living your best life, schedule your complimentary session here.

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