Grief Recovery Coaching

Everyone faces loss at some point. Whether it is loss of a person, relationship, pet, job, transitioning to a new life chapter, a pregnancy, or health, any major loss brings unwanted feelings and overwhelming burden. As you walk around this earth, foot in front of the other, you may feel like you are alone. You are stuck. You are wounded. Devastating events present feelings of resentment, frustration, sadness, fear, regret, anger, apathy, and pain.

Many times, these experiences of loss are defining moments in our lives. They affect every layer of our life: mind, body, and soul. Symptoms can be emotional, physical, social, or religious. And the grief can be experienced in waves over the course of time. One moment you are fine, the next it comes crashing down on you with little to no room to breathe.

It is also fairly common to be faced with societal pressures to be positive, and simply, stop being sad. Every person copes with grief differently, therefore, every person’s process depends on a number of factors. There is no “right” length of time that eases grief. People find themselves facing temporary or long-term sadness, and feel that their mood is out of their control. For every loss or potential loss though, there is something to be gained.

Wondering if you need professional help is also a normal stage most people hit while handling their loss and feelings. ABSolute Coaching’s Grief Recovery Coaching may be right for you if you ask yourself the following:

  • Will I ever feel like myself again? Will I ever recover?
  • How can I move away from the pain and sadness?
  • What can I do to move forward when I feel stuck?
  • I need an action plan, but where do I start?

By sharing your grief with a certified coach, you will be able to:

  • Reset your body, mind, and soul for optimal well-being
  • Shift feelings of helplessness to control and being in charge of your own life
  • Create a new puzzle without the missing pieces and find happiness again
  • Maintain routines and a game plan as a foundation to every day performance
  • Find support by sharing your story of loss

If you are ready for recovery, seeking to rebuild your life, and no longer want to feel defeated, schedule your complimentary session here.

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