“I think Abbi is one of the strongest people I’ve ever encountered. It’s really kind of awesome – you carry people on your back and never get tired of it! Well, and if you do, you don’t show it or do a pretty good job of hiding it. She goes beyond that certain point, and it’s a wonderful thing.”

M.K. from Knoxville, TN


"Abbi provided the best coaching experience possible! Her energy and enthusiasm helped keep my attitude positive and upbeat. She challenged me to examine myself and my goals to recreate a new career path. Her expertise with every aspect of the process from resume writing to interview preparation, helped me get multiple interviews and a wonderful career opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed our talks and messaging!! It gave me confidence in the process that I didn’t have initially! I would highly recommend Abbi."

T.W. from Newburgh, IN


“Abbi is particularly inspiring. So much so that at times it makes me want to jump up and kick a little a$$. I want to applaud her for the job she has done. The difference between this year and last is astounding. I notice it everywhere; attitude, work ethic, socially. Abbi leads you to achieve."

J.S. from Memphis, TN


“Abbi is an outgoing, friendly communicator, comfortable with people, tactful, and projects enthusiasm and warmth, and motivates other people. Her own interest in and liking for other people makes it easy for them to like working with her and aides in her effectiveness. Abbi is a very self-disciplined person who gives close personal attention to the details ensuring completeness in results.”

D.F. from Nashville, TN


"Abbi has proven to be an amazing asset for our family over the last year. She has ensured that our son has had a successful school year by guiding him both socially and academically.  Abbi's patience and composure make her very well suited to helping others through difficult moments.  We have appreciated that she has always been accessible when needed and responsive to any and all concerns."

T.B. from Brentwood, TN


“By providing insight and personal experience, Abbi has helped to increase the level of awareness for {our} student-athlete about ‘what it takes’ to help them be successful and to challenge them to excel beyond their typical level. She possesses knowledge of what excellent performance should look like and has the skills to share that information. I believe one of her best attributes is her attitude.”

E.P. from Lebanon, TN


“Abbi taught me the importance of creating and continuously cultivating balance in our lives. The line between our personal and professional personas can become obscured and from time-to-time we lose sight of how to maintain balance. I have learned that creating balance in my life is vital to emotional, mental, and physical well-being.”

J.G. from Murfreesboro, TN


“Abbi is a direct, truthful individual. Using an appropriate and helpful manner, she can present the unvarnished truth; she is direct but diplomatic and she handles tough decisions. She demonstrates excellence in ‘listening’ and works diligently to provide {her clients} what they need to be competitive and successful in realizing their plans. Abbi individualizes her services for each client.”



“Our student athlete trusts Abbi. Once {our student athlete} met Abbi, she did a fantastic job building a relationship with them. As time moves forward, {our student athlete’s} improvements will establish {our student athlete} as one of the best competitive players in the country.”



“Abbi is flexible and manages adjustments well. She can be counted on to hold things together during tough times. She responds well to stress and does not show frustration when resisted or blocked. She consistently met our expectations and takes action guided by our needs and concerns. She establishes and maintains effective relationships.”

B.B. from Brentwood, TN


“Abbi is very organized and has a number of professional skill sets under her belt. She is effective in the one-on-one setting and has advanced counseling and coaching skills. Abbi is passionate about providing the best services possible. She is active in identifying areas for improvement and initiating actions.”


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  • 18+ Years Coaching Experience
  • Board Certified Coach
  • Coach U, Inc. Graduate
  • Master of Science in Sport Psychology
  • Member of AASP (Association of Applied Sport Psychology)
  • Division I Scholarship Student Athlete, Graduated Cum Laude
  • 2x All-American at the University of Tennessee
  • 2 year Team Captain for the Lady Vol Swimming & Diving Team
  • 2x High School State Champion & State Record Holder (Ohio)
  • High School All-American & Academic All-American
  • 12x Varsity Letter Earner as High School Student Athlete
  • 2013 Shawnee High School Hall of Fame 50th Inductee (Lima, Ohio)
  • Former Certified Personal Trainer